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Here are the options available to advertise on our sites. This form will expedite your request and your banner campaign should become active within 24 hours of payment. Please follow the instructions and contact us if you run into any problems or have a special request.

Notes: We do not allow popups, popunders or other intrusive or obnoxious ads. All ads subject to our approval. Non-profits are eligible for a substantial discount, please contact us.

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Either Plan will generate millions of impressions!

Standard Package

  • One run-of-site banner with unlimited impressions & clickthrus
  • Will appear on nearly every page of forums, in rotation with other banners.
  • Two Banner Locations:
      Top-of-Page (max size:600x70) or
      Column Banner (max size:180x200)

  • Plus! A link in our Business Directory for as long as your ad runs.

    Choose Standard Ad Campaign:
    $300 for 3 months
    $500 for 6 months

    $900 for One Year
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    Please enter the URL of the banner image you wish to use. The image must reside on an Internet server somewhere and must be linkable from our site.

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